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Dr. BublikDr. Bublik Talks About Dental Implant Options to Replace a Full Set of Teeth

Full-Arch Dental Implants Can Restore Your Entire Mouth

Many patients who are missing a full arch of teeth, or wear dentures daily, choose to replace their teeth with the permanence of dental implants. We offer full-arch dental implant solutions to give you a brand new and fully functional smile. When you choose dental implants, you are investing in your health and your future. Implants provide unmatched stability for biting function and also stimulate your jaw bone to prevent bone deterioration from affecting your appearance and health. At Dental Visions, we offer our patients four different solutions to a full arch replacement that vary depending on your needs.

Better Than Glue Dentures

This denture enhancement option is suitable for those who have an existing lower denture but are not happy with how it sits or feels. Better Than Glue Dentures is a form of denture stabilization that utilizes two dental implants to firmly hold your lower denture in place. We can create an all-new lower denture for you when performing this process or retrofit your existing denture for a lower cost. With your denture firmly attached to the dental implants, you won’t need to use messy, unreliable adhesives anymore and can still remove the denture for cleaning.

Implant Supported Bar Attachment Dentures

This implant process is ideal for those who have existing dentures or partials and are accustomed to taking them out daily. This process involves placing four to seven dental implants and a connecting bar that attaches the implants and denture. We are able to extract any remaining or failing teeth and place the implants all in the same day. This denture looks like a traditional removable denture, but it snaps onto the bar attachment to make it stable, provide a stronger bite, and ensure it doesn’t slip or fall out. You will be able to easily remove this denture yourself every night for easy cleaning and while sleeping.




With a new set of teeth and beautiful smile, you will be able to experience an improved quality of life you have been missing out on.

Screw Retained Overdenture

An overdenture is ideal for people who have some existing teeth remaining, but still need implant supported dentures attached. This procedure includes five to eight dental implants and we can extract teeth and place implants that same day. This overdenture is a one-piece bridge made of high-quality zirconia to replace bone loss and missing teeth. This implant attachment uses screws to firmly attach the bridge in place. You will not be able to remove this piece yourself, but your doctor can.

Full Arch Fixed Replacement

Fixed replacement is a permanent attachment of new teeth to dental implants. With this process, we will place the necessary number of implants to restore your smile and then cement a final prosthesis in place. This provides maximum security and stability for your new teeth, but they cannot be removed without the destruction of the prosthesis.

Advanced Technology and Experienced Doctors Give You Ideal Results

No matter which full arch replacement choice you make, you can count on receiving the experienced, thoughtful care you deserve. We use advanced technology such as computer guided implant surgery to ensure that your dental implants are placed exactly where they should be for optimum results. Dr. Jan Bublik is highly qualified to place implants, having years of experience behind him and being a part of many dental organizations, such as the American Dental Association and the International Association for Dental Research. With a new set of teeth and beautiful smile, you will be able to experience an improved quality of life you have been missing out on.


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