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Implants in the Aesthetic Zone

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Are You Missing a Tooth in the “Smile Zone”?

Over 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, but when that tooth is in the “smile zone,” the area that is revealed when you smile, it can hurt your appearance. Nobody wants a smile with a gap, so replacing that tooth is critical. While dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacing lost teeth, they can provide a challenge in this area because any mistakes are immediately visible. You should always place your trust in a doctor who has years of experience working in this sensitive area. At Dental Visions, Dr. Jan Bublik is our implant specialist and follows the four most important factors when placing implants in the smile zone.

Four Important Factors for Placing Implants in the Smile Zone

Patient Expectation +

Dr. Bublik and our staff will listen to all your concerns and goals, get you set up on a treatment plan and explain our process. We will be able to ensure that you get the optimum treatment, replacing the teeth you are missing to construct the smile you want to see. Once we know what you expect, we can begin the implant process.

Exceptional Surgical Skills +

Placing dental implants is not something you want to trust to just any doctor. Dr. Bublik has over 20 years of dental experience with an emphasis on implant surgery. We use advanced computer generated surgical guides when placing implants, which makes sure our surgery is precise and gives predictable results.

Remarkable Management Of Soft And Hard Tissue +

Understanding and handling both your gum tissue and jaw bone is essential when placing dental implants in this sensitive area. Your surgery treatment may include bone grafting to rebuild lost bone at the site of placement. Additionally, we make sure your new implant is seamless against your gums for a natural appearance.

Excellent Communication With A Restorative Lab +

We partner with an exceptional local dental restoration lab when creating your dental crowns. They offer state-of-the-art CAD/CAM techniques that create restorations beyond compare. We work closely with them to make the sure size, shape and color of your new tooth is exactly what you are looking for to complete your smile.

You will leave our office with the exceptional, natural-looking smile you deserve.

We Create Seamless, Natural Smiles

At Dental Visions, we understand how important a beautiful smile is. Our implant process ensures a seamless, natural fit into your mouth. An inexperienced surgeon may place a crooked implant or even have the implant post visible through the gums. At Dental Visions, we avoid any complications like this thanks to our advanced technology and experienced doctors and staff. Our patients can expect a high level of professional care starting with evaluation where we answer any concerns you have, all the way through the restoration of your new tooth. You will leave our office with the exceptional, natural-looking smile you deserve.






If you are missing a tooth in a highly visible area, contact our office today to discuss replacing it with a dental implant.

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