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Dr. BublikDr. Bublik Talks About The Dental Implant Process

Our Dental Implant Process is Unique and Customized to You

At Dental Visions, when we provide dental implants, we focus on the most effective—and attractive—results. Our process is unique to every patient and always performed with the most advanced technology and communication. Dr. Jan Bublik is our implant and oral surgeon who has a detailed and personalized treatment plan for every patient. For those in need of a full-arch replacement, we offer four solutions to fit your needs and budget.

The Pre-Implant Procedure

Placing dental implants is a multi-step process that utilizes advanced technology and precise care. Our process always starts with a consultation with Dr. Bublik to gather your medical history, necessary x-ray images, as well as mold impressions or digital impressions of your mouth and bite. After gathering the initial information, we will create a plan to offer you solutions tailored to your needs and budget. During this time, you will be presented with an exact timeline and necessary pre-implant procedures for your treatment.

The Implant Placement Process

Once the pre-implant procedure is complete, we can prepare for placement. We will find out if you need any bone grafting to enhance the volume of your jaw bone and adjust our timeline to meet those healing needs. When we place your dental implants, we use advanced computer generated surgical guides to ensure the placement is precise. We then insert titanium implant posts into your jaw bone and attach temporary abutments and crowns or bridges. These temporaries, or “healing teeth,” prevent your gums from healing over the implants and provide function as well as a natural look to your smile. Your mouth will need time to heal, which is the most time-consuming process, but during this time we will work on the final look of your permanent teeth.

We can reassure you that you will be proud of your smile, confident in life and happy you chose Dental Visions to partner with.

Our Dental Lab Partnership Creates Quality Teeth

When creating your new permanent teeth, we communicate closely with our local dental laboratory. Our lab partner is one of the leaders in dental lab technologies worldwide and offers state-of-the-art CAD/CAM techniques that create a product second to none. We have real-time quality control, so we know exactly what you are getting is of the highest quality. Once your final prosthesis is back from the dental lab, we will be able to attach it to your implants to give you a brand-new smile you can be proud to show off.

Excellence in Dentistry, Communication and Patient Experience

While the dental implant procedure can be extensive, we stand behind our products and process. We can reassure you that you will be proud of your smile, confident in life and happy you chose Dental Visions to partner with. We have excellent communication with you and the dental lab throughout the entire process, so you are never in the dark and can ask any questions you need. We pride our practice on providing an exceptional dental experience and give our patients the compassion we would offer our own family members. You deserve to smile with confidence, and with our dental implants, you can!


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