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Stabilizing the Lower Denture

Dr. BublikDr. Bublik Talks About Why and How to Fix Loose Dentures

Does Your Lower Denture Feel Loose?

One of the biggest concerns many denture wearers express is the fact that their lower denture often becomes loose after some time. A loose lower denture can be frustrating as it makes speaking and eating difficult, and can cause some discomfort. The reason why the lower denture becomes loose is due to a number of factors, like leaving space for the tongue to move freely, the constant up and down motion of the lower jaw, or even the resorption of jaw bone due to tooth loss itself. We have an effective solution for loose fitting dentures thanks to dental implants—a process we call Better Than Glue Dentures.

Common Symptoms of Loose Dentures

  • Loosens while talking and causes difficulty speaking
  • Loosens while eating and causes difficulty chewing
  • Loosens when opening the mouth
  • Constant pain and friction in the soft tissue

Our Unique Implant Procedure Holds Your Denture Firmly

The Better Than Glue Denture procedure is a type of full-arch dental implant replacement solution. We will insert two high-quality Argon K3 titanium implants into your lower jaw bone. Your denture can then be modified, or a new one created, and securely attached to the implants. With this solution, you will no longer have to worry about goopy, unreliable adhesives, but can still remove your denture when needed. Your denture will be supported by these two implants, more so than by your gums, so you can experience improved comfort as well as a stronger bite.

Patients who secure their lower dentures enjoy much more self-confidence when talking with others or eating.

We Offer Many Dental Implant Solutions

For those who want more stability in their mouths we do offer a variety of dental implant solutions. We can restore complete upper and lower arches of missing teeth using minimal implant placement. Along with Better Than Glue Dentures, we offer three other implant solutions depending on your needs and budget. Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement as they provide unmatched security for your teeth as well as stimulation for the bone.

Secure Your Teeth with a Dental Practice That Cares

At Dental Visions, Dr. Jan Bublik is our dental implant specialist who has over 20 years of dental experience. Our goal is to give you advanced, modern dental care in a friendly environment where you are treated like family. Many of our patients who secure their lower dentures enjoy much more self-confidence when talking with others or eating. After getting your Better Than Glue Dentures, you will be in a more ideal position to qualify for a more advanced form of full-arch replacement, such as implant supported bar attachment dentures.


If your dentures are loose in your mouth, schedule a consultation with us today to discuss denture stabilization with Dr. Bublik.

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