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Dr. KieckerDr. Kiecker Shares Her Patient Experience with Implant Aesthetics

As a Dentist Yourself, What Made You Choose Dr. Bublik for Your Dental Implant Placement?

I met [Dr. Bublik] about six years ago, and we started working in the same practice. It was very obvious from the beginning that he was very knowledgeable about implants. Not only that, he really does care about the outcome for the patient. That is what actually led me to have him do my implant.

I had a rollerblading accident and I broke a tooth beyond repair. It had to be removed. For two years, I couldn’t find anyone I trusted to remove that tooth and place the implant for me. Being a dentist, I was very fearful of going without a tooth. That was one of the reasons I couldn’t find a dentist I was comfortable with.

“The fact that I am a dentist and I was ok with him doing that implant procedure on me… I think that says a lot.”

Every dentist told me they wanted to take the tooth out and put in one of those removable appliances or leave it empty for a couple of months while it healed. I was devastated by that, because teeth are my living and I can’t go around without my front tooth. On the day of the procedure, [Dr. Bublik] took the tooth out, he placed the implant and I left with a temporary the same day. When I finally got the final crown, I was amazed at how much it looked just like a regular tooth. I ate corn-on-the-cob for the first time that summer in years. I was able to bite into an apple. Every time I put a fork in my mouth, I wasn’t afraid I was going to knock the tooth off, because it was so loose. Patients will say, “Dr. Kiecker, I love your white, beautiful smile!” And when I say to them that one of the teeth is actually fake, they don’t believe me. The fact that I am a dentist and I was ok with him doing that implant procedure on me… I think that says a lot.


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